Minority Report [ENG]


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The Concept
As a photographer I’m usually on the wrong side of the lens. An idea of a representative self portrait has been on my mind for a while. Of course I could always take a selfie, but I wanted to create something more unique. Because of my technical background I was thinking about sci-fi related topics when my mind crossed Tom Cruise’s Minority Report and the floating gestural interface presented in the movie.

Everything starts with a pen and paper. I usually draw a raw sketch to visualize the final product. It helps me to overrun the conflicts of ”imagination versus reality”.  So I started to draw my own interface and elements that I wanted to include.

The process from an idea to a final product took 6 hours.

naamahahmotelma scifi-elementit

floating layout

The Creation of Elements
As soon as I was satisfied to my conceptual drawings I started to work with my computer. This process was purely digital drawing.


After finalizing the high resolution vectors, I started to work with the display panels.


Composing the Elements
After the graphical creation I moved towards the displayed data. As a side note: the final product wrapped my work history.


Photographing and Editing
As the sun went down, I needed to find the most contrast rich spots in my house. In the end I decided to use my apartments white hallway. So I attached my camera on a tripod and established a wireless connection to my tablet. With the help of tablet’s live feed I positioned myself in a suitable posture and took a picture.

I imported the image to my computer and started to cut myself out of the background. While doing so, I added some brightness to my skin.

amer_ovi amer_ovi_leikkaus

The Editing Process
Finally I was ready to process my self portrait. While visualizing bright futuristic space I added some luminosity and saturation.

edit amer 1 edit amer 2

I painted the light sources of the displays to my face and hand and extinguished the saturation of the red channel. Finally I colored the goggles as gamers glasses.

edit amer 3 edit amer 4

Combining The Elements to Self Portrait
I stitched the display panels to my self portrait. To add dimension to the panels I tilted and stretched them a bit. Final touch was adding the bluish color effect.

amer_kooste_1 amer_kooste_2

The Background And The Effects
I added a bright ”touch” effect to my index finger. What comes for the background image, I chose a free stock image which was meant for commercial use. I increased drastically the luminosity of the background.

amer_kooste_3 amer_kooste_4

Finalization Of The Product
While the background image reminded me of a spa, I decided to blur it. I added a lens flare effect and to finalize the image I edited a ”Lensbaby” effect around the screen edges.
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